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Summit 7 Systems have built a reputation as the gold standard in cloud-based security and compliance. Seriously, they won Microsoft's Gold Partner of the Year for Security and Compliance for 2020. Our contribution was small, but we can't help but brag about one of our favorite partners!

 Our collaborations with Summit 7 have focused on taking a dry subject, sprinkle it with punny dad-jokes, and serve it up to their audience on LinkedIn and YouTube. 

Azure Can

Could a cloud-based solution help you meet CMMC compliance? Azure Can ;)

From creating a fictitious company sure to make any defense insider chuckle, to a tip of the hat to everyone's favorite sparkling water, Azure Can set the tone for this social campaign.

The Cubicle


Inspired by the popular "This is Fine" meme, The Cubicle is the all too familiar cautionary tale that any seasoned IT director can unfortunately relate to...well, sorta!

Big Acronym is back, and this time things are heating up.

That's Good - Pt1


Silky smooth protection, for all  your sensitive data.

That's Good - Pt2


Compliance is not that simple. Don't leave it up to an intern!

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