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Starting in 2020, Radiance Technologies has been the title sponsor for the Independence Bowl played each year in Shreveport, LA. Each year we partner with Radiance to create a nationally televised campaign that airs during the college football bowl season on ESPN and ABC. 

The American Spirit

At Radiance Technologies, innovation is not just a buzzword used on a website. It's a core value that gets to the heart of the American Spirit. The employee-owners at Radiance strive each day to create systems and technology that move our world forward.

Unlocking Potential

Great companies are built by people who are comfortable doing the right thing, even when it's unpopular. Unlocking that potential is what employee ownership is all about. That's the Radiance Way.

The Vow

Supporting the warfighter is always "front of mind" at Radiance. The employee-owners at Radiance understand the sacrifice and commitment of our servicemen and women (many served themselves). The Vow makes a bold statement that says "we see you and here's our promise back to you".

We Serve

Servant leadership is actionable at Radiance. From programs to get involved in the community to serving up innovative technology to the defense industry, service runs deep at Radiance.

Pre-Game Promo

This 30-sec spot aired on ABC during the 2021 Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl prior to kick-off.

It also aired on the jumbotron inside the stadium. Our composer (Johnny Okwu) wrote a drumline track that gives off those pre-game college football vibes. We collaborated with a local high school marching band drumline (shout-out Bob Jones High!) to perform on camera to start things off. The spot also allowed us to feature some of the employee-owners for the Radiance Technologies: Dayton, OH branch. 

Growth of Ideas

Inspired by Radiance's catch phrase: "From Concepts to Capabilities",

Growth of Ideas captures the sense of wonder that lives deep inside each and every employee-owner within the company.

Taking Ownership


At Radiance Technologies, a strong cutlure of autonomy drives the employee-owners to do work that's changing the world and keeping our nation safe.  It all starts with the promise they make to themselves. 

Common Goals


The American warfighter is always front-of-mind for the employee-owners at Radiance. And gets personal!

Employee-Owner Promises


When you work at Radiance, you've got skin in the game, and it shows. Radiance Technologies is 100% employee owned and drives culture throughout the company.

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