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Where the Future Works

In 2020, Redstone Gateway rolled out a fresh rebrand for the premium workspace destination for defense industry partners.

For years, young engineers and scientists have dreamed of joining the groundbreaking work taking place at NASA and Team Redstone. But a city built on innovation isn't satisfied with being wants to stake a claim at making it!

This brand film is an ode to the next generation of great innovators who will call Redstone Gateway home because that's where the future works!


"During one of the early brainstorming sessions, I recalled a conversation I had with a classmate on the first day of a new semester at UAH. He mentioned he was from Oregon and chose to move across the country to attend UAH because of its close proximity to NASA. It helped me see our city in a new light. That same gravitational pull to our area is at play again. And the assertion for Redstone Gateway is that the next generation of great thinkers will call the Gateway home." -Phil

The tension between our storied past and the building momentum of Huntsville's bright future became our north star for the storyboarding process.


One of the subtle creative choices made during the filming process was to recreate iconic photos of NASA and Team Redstone archives.

(shout-out to PAMA Models in Huntsville for providing talent)

Another idea (from the COPT team) was to integrate the Boeing Campus at Redstone Gateway into the Huntsville skyline. Huntsville isn't known for its skyline but it is known for one thing above all...rockets! We scouted the 468 acres and determined that we could rent a 50' boom lift and get the composition we were looking for. We love when our clients buy into an idea as much as we do, and this one fits our strategy to a T...even if it did mean spending a few hours at a precarious height!


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