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Live Stream FAQ

  • What type of connection is preferred? Wireless or Ethernet?
    A wired ethernet connection with a minimum upload speed of 2.5 Mbps. (5 Mbps and up is preferred)
  • What platform is best for streaming?
    We suggest YouTube (seems more stable compared to Facebook) and Twitch.
  • Do I need to consider a multi-camera live stream?
    It definitely depends on the production. If the presenter is entertaining and likes to move around, we suggest at least a two-camera setup. If the presenter is locked down to one position (I.e. podium) then a one-camera setup would be fine.
  • When should I consider Picture-in-Picture for my live stream?
    If it’s a very slide heavy presentation, we suggest PiP. The audience will get bored just looking at slides, so keep it interesting and let them see your beautiful mug too.
  • Can I add branded content or motion graphics to my live stream?
    Absolutely and it’s recommended to do so. We can help with that if you don’t have the resources. We recommend (and use) Wirecast ( for seamlessly adding branded content and motion graphics to a live stream. It offers a handful of pre-made lower thirds, scoreboards, and motion graphic templates to add production value to any live stream. Custom content and also be easily implemented with Wirecast.
  • What do I do between sessions or during intermission?
    Take a short bathroom break (we’ll be sure to mute you), but your audience should be watching ads from your sponsors, announcements, and a countdown timer on when you will start back.
  • What are my options for playing music during my live stream?
    DMCA-safe music only, unless you have permission to use copywritten music. To be safe you should only use licensed music only. There are plenty of services that can provide this for you at a reasonable price.
  • What do I need to consider before the event starts and after it finishes?
    We suggest you go live around 15-30 minutes before the actual stream begins. This will allow your viewers to have time to be notified of the event and will also allow the producers to quickly fix any technical issues that arise. After the stream ends we suggest keeping the stream going for at least 3 minutes to answer any questions in the chat and for the audience to catch up to the stream if they lagged behind for any reason.
  • Can I add sponsored ads to my live stream event?
    You sure can. We can even help you produce those.
  • Should I consider having a Chat Moderator?
    If you are allowing a live chat during your stream, it is mandatory to have a chat moderator. Not only to answer any subject matter that needs an expert, but also to keep the chat clean from trolls.
  • What should I do for a backup plan in case the stream goes down?
    No stream is 100% reliable because, well, life, but we always have a backup plan for the worst-case scenarios. We record all video and audio content (on device) so in case the stream goes down for whatever reason, we can upload an edited video quickly to your platform account.
  • Should the event be scripted in advance?
    It’s always a good idea to at least have an outline of the events taking place. This keeps your team and the production company on the same page during the broadcast.
  • Is a rehearsal of the stream necessary?
    If time allows, we suggest a rehearsal of the event. This allows the production company to test the technical side of the event, and also allows the presenters to do a dry run before the event. Win-Win.

Do you know what it takes to create a successful live stream event?

You will now.


Here's JP with answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about live streaming. Get ready to take some notes and crush your next event!


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